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DARE TO THINK FRESH THOUGHTS provides professional and personal coaching to individuals and groups. Individual sessions are via phone, internet and in person. Group coaching happens in your workplace or meeting room. DARE TO THINK FRESH THOUGHTS is located in the Washington, DC metro area.


MY MISSION is to help you and your group develop greater capacities to grapple with today’s complex workplace and life stressors.



 Experience much more ease and much less stress

Discover clarity in complexity

Make more informed decisions

Be proactive rather than reactive

Expand your capacity to see previously unseen possibilities and opportunities

Resolve issues that unknowingly sabotage your best efforts

Respond effectively to even the most challenging life and work situations

Revitalize and invigorate your work, relationships and life



Dare to Think Fresh Thoughts includes two unique and powerful components distinct from other professional coaching approaches. I will help you:

Strategically examine your underlying beliefs, judgments, thoughts and issues related to your goals. I use a powerful questioning approach, that opens you to increased clarity, energy, ease, courage, strength and compassion.

Pin point your “operating system – your particular personality style. You have an personality style, know it or not, and it determines and limits how you see and interact in situations. Your style operates YOU until you learn to operate IT – and working with it gives you maximum power, flexibility and impact.


Unknowingly you handicap and limit your individual and organizational abilities, unconsciously creating obstacles that sabotage your desired results and relationships. My professional skills and engaging manner help you quickly identify your particular perceptual lens, enabling you to increase your acuity and range, so you can deal with situations in more mature and thoughtful ways. As a result, your hard work and best efforts pay off. You save time and money.

Coaching is a co-creative, ongoing partnership that produces practical results for you, whether it is in your professional or personal life or in your work group. You hone your goals and establish strategies to achieve them with my assistance. I know that you or your group are naturally resourceful and creative, and my job is to help you elicit your own untapped wisdom to get you moving where you want to go.