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About Anne

Anne Wotring

About Anne

I am a professional coach, facilitator and presenter with a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Studies. My keen interest in people took me from undergraduate studies in literatures human dramas to coaching and facilitating individuals and groups in their very real, day-to-day life dramas. I have been a university writing teacher, high school administrator and English teacher, published researcher and writer and member of various non-profit boards, presently The Nova Institute board president.

I am a professional member of the International Coaching Federation, the International Enneagram Association, a Certified Teacher of the Enneagram and Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie. I also hold certificates in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Consensus Facilitation, and Spiral Dynamics.


I believe that when you and I give our inherent greatness to others, the whole society and each individual are all richer for it. You feel energized from contributing to your own and/or your groups unique expertise, and, in turn, society profits from the particular gifts and abilities you and/or your group have to offer. This perfect reciprocity allows everyone to win. I not only experience this in my life and see it in my clients, but this approach also gives me the hope and boldness to navigate these globally and locally difficult, stressful times. It enables us to counter-balance the fear and small-minded belief that we cant change things.

Further, I believe our greatness and gifts develop through honest encounters with one another and, even more significantly, with ourselves. Coaching involves honest, deep conversations. These engender greater awareness of our strengths and blind spots.

Our global situation challenges us to awaken to our greatness and contribute it toward a healthy and sustainable future and planet. My mission is to help others to step further into their own abilities and callings for the benefit of all.