Anne Wotring – Dare to Think


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Individual Coaching


As your individual coach, I will help you to:

get clarity about your issues so you can solve them
prioritize what really matters to you
establish and carry through strategies to achieve specific goals
view problems and concerns from new and different perspectives
disarm your inner saboteur from undermining your best efforts
heighten your emotional intelligence with difficult people
experience more joy, fulfillment and peace of mind

Through the deep coaching process you will learn how to reach your goals as well as discover more about yourself, your mindset and unconscious beliefs. I will use and teach you methods including the Enneagram and Inquiry to this end. As you learn how to use new tools for yourself and to work with these deeper aspects of yourself, you will develop greater and greater insights about yourself that will serve you for your lifetime.

Even more specifically, you can expect the following from working with me:

direction, Support, Inspiration, Encouragement, and Validation
self-Accountability and Focus for Your Own Tasks and Goals
greater Organization and On-Time Project Completion
practice Saying No
ability to Deal with Difficult People
more Fulfilling Relationships
less Worry about Everything
new Clarity, Possibilities, Strategies, Energy, and Solutions
improved Communication