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Team and Group Development


My associates and I provide training and support to teams and groups as a natural part of their on-going development. Teams and Groups go through changes and phases just like individuals and are wise to seek support through transition periods. Working together in teams and groups is inherently complex due to their purpose, number of people, personalities, tasks, deadlines. For all theses reasons a coach and trainer can keep a team or group running efficiently and harmoniously.

Team Development Coaching

My associates and I provide training and coaching with a focus on Emotional Intelligence. This heightens a team’s ability to:

communicate effectively and efficiently
give each other constructive feedback
recognize and deal with conflict
be inspired leaders and managers in the organization
run meetings productively

I use the Enneagram System because it gives your team awareness and language so you can work together more easily and successfully than ever before.

Group Coaching and Facilitation

I also offer deep coaching for all kinds of groups – ad hoc gatherings, professional associations, or intact teams. I can teach your group strategies to deal with difficult issues, such as:

Raising money in spite of a slow economy
Navigating necessary changes
Breaking through to agreements
Finding win-win solutions
Moving forward in turbulent times

As your Group Coach, I will leverage our time together by facilitating your group in an Inquiry process. This process has four valuable benefits for your group:

it quickly enables your group to identify, explore and question your groups limiting beliefs that interfere with its effectiveness and potential
it significantly catalyzes breakthroughs to new, more productive group behavior patterns from your old ones
it gives you and your group renewed hope and vigor for your work
it saves you time and money because I teach you to use Inquiry proficiently so you become self-reliant

Here are some examples of outcomes your group can expect from my group facilitation:

proficiency in methods for getting unstuck when issues are challenging
a group process that expedites and serves your goals
more enthusiasm for working together
more effective and professional interpersonal dynamics
more understanding and compassion for others

Here are some examples of outcomes your group can expect from my group facilitation:

dealing with limited financial and human resources
working with your challenging client situations and their issues
pushing through to decisions on very complex situations
empowering you and your group to be successful in carrying out your mission