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So what type person seeks the help of a professional coach? There simply isn’t a particular personality type or specific set of circumstances that brings a person to the door of a professional coach. My client base is broad; I help individuals of different sexes, ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, faiths and belief systems, and careers reach their particular goals, or get past their unique obstacles. A few of my recent clients include:

A mother of four with two chronically ill children and an unsupportive husband
An entrepreneur with great ideas and little follow through
A small business exec. concerned about marketing in the financial downturn
A young man negotiating the transition between school and life beyond
A cardiovascular patient wishing to learn stress-reduction techniques
A high school teen who wants to say no to peer pressure
A grandmother wanting more equanimity in her multi-generational family and with her retirement funds

Just like my work with individuals, my group coaching sessions and seminars also are customized to the distinct circumstances facing the group or business. Some of my recent group coaching clients include:

A non-profit organization with increased fundraising concerns due to the financial downturn
A private progressive school with dissension in the faculty about strategic planning
A non-profit organization transitioning from its founding phase into a team-directed approach
A non-profit with incongruence between its mission, core values and operations