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“I came to Anne as I was bogged down in my work situation and was having a hard time seeing the way forward emotionally as well as strategically; I was stuck! Anne, over a number of sessions, helped me talk through the issues, identify what was really bothering me and gave me the tools to help. Within weeks I was able formulate a game plan and move forward in the direction I wanted to go all along. Everyone needs a helper at times to get “unstuck” and back into the groove. It was time well spent!”

~George, CEO, Washington, D.C.  


Anne’s guidance and coaching helped me through a professional and personal crisis. After graduating from law school, and having always been a successful overachiever, I found myself uncertain about my next steps. I couldn’t find a job, and for the first time I felt very unsure about what I even wanted to do professionally. Anne helped me rediscover confidence in myself, my qualifications, and my vision for my career and future. Through our sessions, I learned not to allow my subconscious mind to sabotage my self-regard, and I soon found the perfect job. Now I am excelling in my career and personal life by using the awareness skills imparted by Anne’s coaching on a daily basis. 

~Andrea, International Peace and Mediation Attorney, New York, NY


Knowing I needed to change something in my professional life but wanting to better understand the causes of my dissatisfaction in order to determine my next step, I found Anne’s careful questioning and constructive advice instrumental to my thought process.  Her considerable training and gentle-but-firm manner were what I needed to look more objectively at my situation, determine my strengths and weaknesses, consider my options and to make a much-needed change from a position of strength and certainty.  I can’t say enough good things about Anne’s style and the process she had me undertake to come to some decisions.  She’s a gem and a wonderful resource!

~Susan — Development and Advocacy Professional, Washington, DC 


“I was stuck in a job where I felt underpaid, unappreciated, and the worst part – like I was wasting my time and my skills. I turned to Anne for guidance and her coaching helped me clarify my goals and craft a path for myself to achieve those goals quickly. Ultimately, I found the perfect new job and was able to start on day one with a renewed confidence and passion for work. A friend has already signed up for 8 sessions with Anne after hearing me rave about her and I continue to recommend her to everyone I know!” 

– Liz, IT Strategy Consultant, McLean, VA


“The thought process I went through with Anne really helped. It was like taking a pill! My worries have gone away. Life is so much easier when I’m not worried. I talked to her about one thing but it has carried over into all aspects of my life. I sent my girlfriend flowers and I didn’t worry a bit about the money it cost. I told my teammate to call Anne because she will help you relax and really play as well as you have the talent to play.”

~Joe, Richmond, VA


“Anne is coaching me in the capacity of helping me personally to move through the blocks that are holding me back professionally. It was our agreement that I would have a Case For Support rough draft to her by a specific date. Happily for me, she is there for support and not to add pressure. I am more surprised than you can ever be that I have completed this, much less two days early. I am very grateful to Anne that she was there for me to answer to. I definitely need a nudge like that and someone who cares enough and is organized enough that I respect enough to be accountable to.”

~Elizabeth, Takoma Park, MD


“My experience with Anne Wotring has been literally life altering. As a mother of two adult children and two teenagers, I have had the fullness of what life with family has to offer. Certainly we have had our ups and downs and have tried different venues for dealing with the challenges of raising a family. Until Anne and ‘The Work’ we were treating the symptoms of life issues, being reactive and feeling overwhelmed. Now I have a holistic approach to my life. One that allows me to wake up every day and embrace my life and its inevitable challenges with a deep sense of acceptance and joy for what it brings. As a mother, perhaps even more importantly to me, I am able to bring this sense of peace and quieting the mind to my children and assist them with their life challenges as they launch into adulthood and face the uncertainty of teenage years.”

~Lisa, Washington, DC


“I wanted to let you know that I always use your advice to ground myself in stressful meetings. I remember you telling me – ‘put both feet on the floor, uncross your arms, breath deeply, and be open.’ It works! For example, I was in a stressful meeting a few months ago and one woman was very negative. I felt myself cross my arms. I made myself follow your advice, and said to myself – well she sounds negative, but perhaps there is something in the content of what she is saying that may be useful, if I can listen past her negativity — and it worked! She now communicates with me in a much more helpful way, and I think she appreciated being heard. Because of her negative pattern I think many people did not listen to her, so she would get more frustrated and more angry. By finding a way past her negativity, I opened a communication channel. Also, she had to be willing to take the hand offered. I know all too well that some people will smack you down when you offer that hand. But it is always worth the try. I am ever grateful to you for that very wise advice.”

~Kristin, Tysons, VA


“The results of my work with Anne Wotring over the past two years have been remarkable. Anne not only deeply understands the Enneagram and Work of Byron Katie but uses these tools, along with her warmth and knowledge of people with great skill. Thanks to Anne I have become more centered, relaxed and peaceful. For example, after I had a serious heart episode on an overseas flight, I was afraid to take a trip to Europe again. With Anne’s coaching I was able to take the trip without any fear and everything went fine. In addition, our work has shifted some family relationships in a very deep way. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to remove the stress in their life and become a happier, more loving person.”

~Evelyn, Washington, DC


“Anne has been my life coach for nearly a year and I’ve derived enormous benefit from her amazing ability to see right through to the core of an issue and facilitate the Work to the extent that I’ve taken away some truly life-changing insight and revised outlooks on life–for the better. I’ve learned that I don’t have to have the last word in conflicts, which is enormously powerful because it’s a ton less stressful and anxiety-producing. People respect me more too. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

~Robert, McLean, VA


“It was so neat to discover that thoughts that I had tucked away, maybe because I was so ashamed to admit I had them, could be brought to the surface, letting them have a full hearing, with the outcome being total freedom. Now I know I don’t have to worry about how my business might do if the economy went into another Great Depression. Thank you so much Anne.”

~Richard, Bethesda, MD


As our school approached a year long strategic planning process, we knew we needed to prepare the faculty so that we could clear old roadblocks that had previously stopped us from moving forward. Anne Wotring, who had worked with us before, was the natural choice for consultant, as she is so trustworthy, professional, warm, intelligent. She used the Inquiry method, and we were able to really transform some MAJOR underlying beliefs about the school’s and individual’s ability to change and move forward with creativity and integrity. One session early on was particularly transformative. As one faculty member did the inquiry work within the group, she got to the point of realizing “I can’t do this alone—we have to do it together.” A hush came over the room, as each member of our faculty identified and a deep connection was palpable. Not only did Anne give us this proverbial fish, but taught us how to fish, so after her work with us that year was done, when we encounter tough issues, especially if they are emotionally charged, we use the Inquiry method to work toward transformation. We have deep gratitude to Anne and would definitely hire her in the future. Anne understands Waldorf schools, our strengths and pitfalls, and is able therefore to earn the trust and respect it takes to facilitate organizational transformation from the inside out. ~Elizabeth Hagerman, Faculty Meeting Coordinator, Acorn Hill Waldorf School


Anne Wotring conducted an excellent series of workshops based on the enneagram for our tax department. Our goals were to improve our understanding of each others’ priorities, work styles and communications. Anne insightfully identified our respective enneagram types and explained the implications of those results to the group. In addition to these basis goals, she also made practical recommendations throughout the workshop on how we could work better together. Anne’s methods were insightful and comfortable in terms of presentation, but also presented the right challenges in terms of personal growth. ~Tax Department Attorney, Global IT Corporation


I was gratified to see that Anne’s expert group facilitation made the same kind of dramatic difference for a nonprofit I’ve been involved with for several years as her individual coaching made in my life when I was going through a major personal and professional transition, feeling angry, scared and hopeless. She has enabled the group to open up long-held limiting beliefs and question whether they are true. Anne’s work brings a lightness with a comforting groundedness that makes you feel safe with her. She is a remarkable, wise, humble and courageous friend to those who seek to know themselves more deeply. ~Susan Dillon, Private Sector Philanthropy, Non-profit organization


Anne Wotring has been bringing her skill, compassion, and energy to help revitalize our development efforts in a difficult time for non-profit organizations. She inspired our development committee by leading us into Inquiry while re-affirming our mission statement and core values. Her work is solid and grounded, and is engaging us in ways that are encouraging, surprising, and very hopeful. She leads with great humility and genuine enthusiasm, and in a style that is modest and inviting, allowing “ego” to get out of the way and letting “the work” work. ~Jim Todhunter, Chair of Development Committee, Non-profit organization



“Our Collegium, Board and Finance Committee had a very, very positive experience working with Anne. Her approach is mission-based and values-driven. She opened the meeting space so that we were able to have a very honest and open conversation about topics that people ordinarily don’t bring to our circle. Her process also allowed us to look at our situation from new and different angles. The structure increased the trust between the Collegium and Board – both collectively and between individuals. Our retreat dialogue directly informs the focus areas for our strategic plan. ~Eric Silber, Business & Operations Manager, Green Meadow Waldorf School