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The Enneagram and Inquiry methodologies strategically catalyze quick and deep results: renewed creativity, heightened curiosity and enthusiasm in your professional and personal life. The Enneagram sheds a light on your own very specific and largely subconscious belief system that unknowingly keeps you stuck inside your hamster’s wheel. Inquiry Questions show you the way out —  into fresh, new possibilities for your situation and yourself.



The Enneagram is a personality system that maps 9 distinct approaches to life. You subconsciously develop one of approaches by the time you are a teen. It’s formation allows you to negotiate your life and relationships. I call it ego.

Each types operates differently and explains why you see the world so differently from someone else, why you have different definitions of a great relationship, of success, or happiness and contentment.

We believe our personality is who we are. This is because it is subconscious.  The ancient Greeks called it a “mask” –  “persona” is the Greek word for “mask.”  Just like a mask, the wearer can’t see it. And just like a mask, others can see it.  You – the mask wearer – cannot. Think about this … and how it can lead to some difficult situations!

The Enneagram allows you to understand quickly and accurately the unique barriers that impede your growth and success. At the same time you also develop your full personal and professional potential. Once you identify your mask and its habit, you become more effective in your work, life and relationships. Knowing your type enables us to build upon your strengths and see beyond the blind spots that otherwise undermine your best efforts.

Note: I don’t recommend taking the online typing inventories. They cause more confusion than they are worth. It’s not easy to see your own mask. As a certified Enneagram specialist, I am trained to help you identify and understand your own personality.

To read more about the Enneagram and the 9 types, please click on this link.

If you want a quick overview, here’s a clever  3-minute film generalizing each type by various breeds of dogs.

And another quick one, a 3-minute overview exaggerating how each personality walks.

As you will see in these short clips, each personality type has a distinct walking style, speaking style, body language and sometimes even body type. In addition, each type evolves and devolves in a predictable pattern. Fascinating research shows a high correlation between Academy Award winning actors and the congruency they portray in the thinking, emotion, body and action of their character that is particular to one of the Enneagram types rather than a mixture of them. Human nature is finely tuned to intuit unconsciously when character actors are off and on the mark. I had the distinct pleasure to coach an acting class at American University on the Enneagram. They found they were able to get into their roles with little trace of their own personality showing.



The Inquiry Questioning process enables you to identify and question thoughts that keep you worried, sad, angry, anxious, stressed, and/or indecisiveness. It is extraordinarily helpful, often miraculous, in moving you toward your coaching goals. You find greater calm, strength, creativity, and clarity, which makes moving forward so much more easy.

Inquiry is deceptively simple yet extraordinarily profound. You will learn how to use it for yourself when you find yourself in  difficult professional or personal situations.

I hope you’ll come and experience a session for yourself.

The 5 Questions are:

Is it true? Can you absolutely know it is true? How do you react when you believe the thought? How does this thought help you? Who would  you be without the thought? The final step to identify why the opposite thought is as true or truer than the original thought.

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