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Groundhog Day

Dear Friends,

Ever think that you are living “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray?Groundhog Day Poster Image

In the film Murray wakes up every morning in the same room, at the same B&B, at the exact same time, to the same song and repeats the same day.

He hasn’t a clue how to break out of this maddening cycle.

To a greater or lesser extent we all live in our own individualized Groundhog’s Day. Predictable. Secure. Even comfortable. And too much is completely intolerable when you want something new and different. Or when circumstances demand change.

Are you are trying for something new, bigger, more, different? Are you facing a big change in your life?

Consider coaching.

My particular coaching system is designed to help you open your mind so you can see the way clear. I have exercises and a style that allows you to find your way. My strategies are grounded in brain research that shows through conscious, focused goals and activity, we literally change the brain’s neural pathways. We change our biology.

I invite you to watch this clever 3-minute video showing Joshua And His Box.