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Re-Playing the Piano

My daughter, Kate, is a piano teacher. Mostly her students are children.

But “Ms. Kate” also teaches 4 adults.

Her adult students have four things in common:

1. They are outstanding in their professional lives.

2. Growing up, they had miserable experiences with piano recitals.

3. They all quit taking lessons around 6th grade.

4. Their children currently take piano lessons from Ms. Kate.

A few weekends ago they found a fifth thing in common.

They each performed two pieces at an adult-only piano Salon for friends and family. This is the first time Kate has asked these students to perform.

While many of us – me included – have similar stories of failed attempts with piano lessons, Kate’s four adult students not only took up lessons again, but dared to play at the dreaded recital.

What motivated them to make themselves vulnerable and how did they do it?-Please watch my first go as a videographer to hear their answers while you enjoy short clips of their performances.