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Dear Friends,

My mother was in a coma for 16-months. Then she died.

Eben Alexander, M.D., was in a coma for 7-days. He came back to tell about it.

In Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, Dr. Alexander explains his 2008 coma experience and compares it to his medical and scientific understanding of consciousness and the brain. They are diametrically opposed.

Scientists have yet to explain how the brain produces consciousness. Dr. Alexander’s brain was totally disabled — “soaking in pus” — from e-coli bacterial meningitis while at the same time he was totally conscious to non-earthly realms beyond space and time.

He explores the implications of his experience and demonstrates using quantum mechanics how consciousness must exist outside the brain and body – counter to our western scientific view.

Dr. Alexander: “The reductive, neuro-scientific approach to explain consciousness through the physical brain is doomed to failure.”

His “Harvard,” “neurosurgeon” certainty validates my own learning since my mother’s coma 39 years ago, 1974-75.

I have – through fits and starts – grown out of my skeptical scientific materialism to know that my mother wasn’t in a “vegetative state” as her doctors and we believed, but she was conscious to other realms.

You can read my “coming out” article, “Seeing Through Devout Materialism.” Just click here and scroll down to Bridges 2010 #1.

It is from this understanding that I live my life in much less fear and much more love and joy.

I am very grateful to Dr. Alexander for very publicly bringing his credentials, experience and research to the public at large and his medical colleague specifically. How healing for healthcare practitioners, patients and families to have this paradigm when facing serious illness and death. I know it would have helped me so much to know when my mother was so sick.

I highly recommend this interview with Dr. Alexander from the Bioethics Forum in April, 2012.