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I finally got over last month’s flu but then came down with something else.

Psychologist Brene Brown calls it a “Shame Attack.”

That’s what happens after you publicly reveal something about yourself that shows vulnerability or weakness.

Last month I told you “how depleted I” was — “napping, sleeping-in and going to bed really early every night.”

It sounded like good message at the time, showing a good example of doing the “right thing” when you are ill. Plus, I truly didn’t feel well enough to compose anything else.

But I woke up the next day and thought — omg, how could I have written that?!!

You, my dear readers, will think I’m weak, lazy, and indulgent!! Definitely not the way to present myself as a professional.

And, even though 30 of you emailed me with sweet, kind get-well wishes – for which I thank you again – my shaming mind informed me that you probably were thinking “she’s pathetic.” Amazing to what length the mind goes to invent “proof” to keep the self-sabotage alive.

Self-sabotaging minds are among many issues that I can help you with as a coach. Believe me, I have plenty of personal experience…

My coaching specializes in teaching you to work with your mind so that it becomes your faithful partner and valentine rather than your inner saboteur.

What loud and unhelpful comments does your mind offer up on your professional goals or personal life? What things does it say when your plans and dreams aren’t going well?

I’d love to hear from you.

P. S. If you’ve haven’t watched Brene Brown’s entertaining and informative TED Talk about Shame, I highly recommend it: